The birth of Synnove Finden is related to an adventurous woman called Synnøve, who came from a small village called Finden.
The village of Finden is located in western Norway by the upper course of the world’s longest fjord, Sognefjord. Only one family still lives there today, engaging in goat farming, fishing and tourism. The story of Synnove Finden AS, which has now grown into a large company, started in this little village.

Synnøve was a simple farm girl who was inspired by the cheese making craft she had learnt from her mother. In 1899, when she was just 18 years old, she started working in the Finden Dairy.
The village of Finden soon proved to be too small for Synnøve and she went to Oslo to study and make her dreams come true.
In 1928 Synnøve met Pernille Holmen and they decided to open a small cheese factory in Oslo:
the Synnøve Findens Cheese Factory.

Synnøve focussed on improving the quality of the cheese, thereby also making it more popular.
She created new recipes and patented many new types of cheese.
The Norwegian society regarded career women as someone who broke old traditions, who went against the flow.
Synnøve died in 1957, but her enthusiasm and ambitious spirit still live on in Synnøve Finden AS.
The goal of our brand is to combine the tradition that started in 1928 with the demands of tomorrow.

Synnøve Finden started growing strongly after Norway abolished the monopoly on dairy products in 1995.
Synnøve is one of the few cheese factories in Norway that is based on private capital.
The company has two dairies, one in Alvdal and the other in Namsus. Alvdal is one of the biggest cheese producers in Norway with more than 8,700 tons of Gouda cheese and 1,200 tons of brown cheese produced every year.

The turnover of Synnøve Finden AS in 2014 was 168,5 million euros.