Story of Synnøve Finden  


The birth of Synnove Finden is related to an adventurous woman called Synnøve, who came from a small village called Finden.
The village of Finden is located in western Norway by the upper course of the world’s longest fjord, Sognefjord. Only one family still lives there today, engaging in goat farming, fishing and tourism.

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Posted02. May 2016

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Posted24. May 2016

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Synnove Itaallane hard cheese 150g

Ingredients: cow's milk, sea salt, starter, rennet ...

Synnove Parma process cheese 150g

Ingredients: Italian-style hard cheese, gouda cheese, ...

Synnove Sakste Gouda sliced cheese 500g

Ingredients: Pasteurized milk, starter, rennet, colouring ...

Madeta blue mould cheese Niva 110g

Ingredients: pasteurised cow's milk, lactic acid ...

Valcolatte mozzarella buffalo milk cheese 125g

Ingredients: buffalo's milk, salt, rennet, curdled ...

Goat´s milk cream cheese 150g

Ingredients: Soured goat’s cream 95%, milk protein, ...

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