Alt-Mecklenburger creamy-mild sliced cheese 100g

Semi-hard natural ripened cheese with red smear culture

Pure, natural ingredients, lactose- and gluten-free and naturally matured per the traditional RÜCKER recipe.
Ingredients: pasteurized cow´s milk, salt, lactic acid bacteria, rennet substitute (microbial rennet), red smear culture for surface maturation.
100g of product contains: energy 418 kcal, protein 19 g, carbohydrates <0,05 g of which sugars <0,05 g, fat 38 g of which saturated fats 27,4 g.
Holding temperature: +2 - +8 'C

Rücker GmbH

The Rücker Family developed two small dairy farms into large-scale production in the East-Frisian town of Aurich and the city of Wismar by the Baltic Sea. White cheese, mozzarella, butter and milk powder are mainly produced in Aurich. Rücker GmBH is one of the leading producers of white German cheese in the world. The naturally ripened cheese Tilsit is also made in Wismar in addition to standard cheeses, such as Edam and Gouda. The company makes more than 43,000 tons of cheese for its home market and export every year.

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